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F!rosh Pranks are pranks carried out by the F!rosh class before the end of their first year at Skule. The pranks follow in the strong tradition of pranking in engineering culture and strive to show the creativity, ingenuity, and spirit of the first year class.

Past F!rosh Pranks[edit]

F!rosh Class Prank
2T0 / 2T0 TrackOne Built a trebuchet. It fired but was ultimately destroyed after an attempted modification.
1T9 / 1T9 TrackOne "Webwork": Created a spider web with a spider in the middle, hung above the pit. "Bubble Wrap the Pit": bubble wrapped all surfaces in the pit. "Mirror of Erised": Built the mirror from Harry Potter, with an interactive screen showing students' worst nightmares..
1T8 / 1T8 TrackOne Built a 1T8-shaped maze out of wrapping paper in the Pit; built large dart board to choose your discipline.
1T7 / 1T7 TrackOne 'TrackOne X-mas', delivered discipline-related wrapped gifts to each common room; 'TrackOne Monopoly', built lifesize monopoly board in the Pit
1T6 / 1T6 TrackOne 'Winter Wonderland', decorated the pit for Christmas with lights and gift wrap; TrackOne 'Plinko Table' for choosing a discipline
1T5 'Giant Foos', large playable Foosball table in the Pit; 'Merry F!mas', decorated the Pit for the holidays with giant snowflakes
1T4 / 1T4 TrackOne 'Sliding Puzzle' Banner, TrackOne 'Sorting Hat'
1T3 'Erection' Obelisk
1T2 'Crashed Space Ship' in the Pit
1T1 Giant 'F!' on UC Tower, decorated the Pit for the holidays, Atrium Renovation wrecking ball
1T0 Mice Car crashing through the Pit
0T9 '0T9', BFC Crest Spoons outside MC
0T8 Turned the Pit into a large hamster cage
0T7 Batphone-booth in the atrium, filled EngSoc office with balloons
0T6 '0T6 Country', hung up across King's College road
0T5 Large paper airplane suspended above the Pit