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Kelly Library Book Appropriation (2010)

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The '''Kelly Library Book Appropriation''' was a prank that took place Friday, September 10th, 2010. After St. Michael's College students stole multiple boxes of hardhats from Outer Stores, the [[Engineering Society]] bulk storage room, engineering students retaliated by amassing at the John M. Kelly Library and organizing the sign-out of more than 1500 books from the 'Ethics' section.
On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 8th, 2010, Skule was hosting the tradition of [[F!rosh Week]] [[Bed Races]] down King's College Road, attended by New College and St. Mike's College. At one point, the door to Outer Stores was left open and students from SMC made away with several boxes of non-yellow [[Hardhats]].
After the discovery of the theft, representatives of the [[Engineering Society]] entered talks with SMC leaders to secure the return of the stolen property. A deal was agreed upon to deliver two cases of beer for the return of the hardhats. At the exchange in Queen's Park, a number of hardhats were claimed by SMC to be "missing or lost", and many further returned hardhats were defaced and no longer usable.
[[image:Kelly_Library.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Kelly Library]]
==Call To Arms==
After deciding that the thieves should not go unpunished, a plan was hatched to retaliate against SMC. Instead of resorting to theft or vandalism, it was decided that a statement would be made by signing out as many books as possible from the 'Ethics' section of the SMC library and notifying the SMC Student Union. In addition to word of mouth among F!rosh leedurs and their F!rosh, the [[Brute Force Committee|BFC ]] and [[Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad|LGMB]] tapped their respective mailing lists to get as many students out on Friday afternoon as possible.
===LGMB Event===
Upon arriving at Kelly Library, students began loading Ethics books into empty F!rosh kit bags and signing them out at the front desk. Undergraduate students could sign out 50 books for a maximum renewal period of 2 months, while graduate students that came to show support were able to sign out up to 100 books for a period of up to 6 months. For some time, books were literally being taken out of the library by the cartload. Eventually, the crowd of students grew so large that library staff realized what was going on and proceeded to close the 'Ethics' section for "inventory check" against the protests of the students. As the crowd was ready to disperse, one member made a point that if books could not be checked out, they could be put on reserve so that no one else would be able to check them out after the section was reopened. The library staff had no other choice but to comply.

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