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Engineering Science Grad Prank[edit | edit source]

EngSci Labyrinth game

The EngSci Grad Prank by the class of 0T9 and 0T8+PEY was a large-scale functional model of the game labyrinth that filled the entirety of the Sandford Fleming Building Atrium. It was constructed of 2x4 and masonite pieces, with four large handles on each side of the prank to control the labyrinth surface, requiring four people to operate.

EngSci Labyrinth game (reconstructed version after removal by MIE)

The entire surface assembly sat atop a semi-spherical block of concrete to allow the surface to tilt. The maze on the surface was designed to spell "NΨ 0T9" and "0T8+PEY". Small rubber balls were used for operation, with holes at various locations on the surface as traps. The traps were labelled with various EngSci references and inside jokes, mostly related to the failure of students and the difficulty of courses. The internal assembly was designed to catch the fallen balls and direct them to the openings on each side.

However, after less than two days, the prank was destroyed destroyed and forcibly removed by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineers, who claimed that they needed the atrium for serving food at their Iron Ring party. This caused a rift between the discipline club chairs of Indy and EngSci. In defiance, the graduating EngSci class decided to rebuild the entire prank from scratch 3 days later, in the exact same spot. Small changes were made in the new design, including one hole labelled in large text, "Quit After Second Year" in reference to the Industrial Engineering Club chair, who had failed EngSci in second year and repeated the year in Industrial Engineering.