Wallberg Building

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Wallberg Memorial Building
Wallberg Memorial Building
Location 184 College Street West
Year Constructed 1949
Building Code WB
Architects Page & Steele Architects
Major Offices/Labs
Department of Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Club

The Wallberg Building (also the Wallberg Memorial Building), located on College Street West, is primarily used by the Department of Chemical Engineering, and includes most of the Chemical Engineering laboratories for undergraduates. The building was completed in 1949 and is named for Emil Andrew Wallberg, who had been president of Canada Wire and Cable and died in 1929.

History[edit | edit source]

The Wallberg Memorial Building was constructed and named as a result of a bequest by Ida Marie Wallberg in 1933, to commemorate her brother Emil Andrew Wallberg, former president of Canada Wire and Cable.[1] The start of construction was, however, delayed by World War Two and was not completed until 1949, during which period a great number of engineering students were housed in Ajax Division due to the shortage of space and influx of students.

References[edit | edit source]

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