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Skulepedia is a source of information for all Skule™-related things. It is a repository maintained by students and alumni of Skule™ who are proud to have gone through our great institution, with its grand traditions and rich history. Gathered here is a collection of stories and legends from the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

The goal of Skulepedia is to comprehensively collect and organize information about Skule™ life over the years.

We welcome the participation of all Skulemates and alumni to help us along the way. We are actively looking for historical material, from photos, films, publications, memorabilia and more to enrich our knowledge.

Please feel free to edit and discuss pages as you see fit. If you have any questions, please direct them to the relevant Discussion pages, or e-mail the administrator at admin@skulepedia.ca.

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This website, Skulepedia, has no formal relation to and is operated independently of the University of Toronto Engineering Society. Although current and former members of the Engineering Society are heavily involved in the making of this page (with its permission), the content within these pages do not reflect the views of the University of Toronto Engineering Society or the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.