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Adelaide Denison
Joyne teh Bnad!!
Adelaide IS the face of Graditude.
Discipline Mech
Year 1T2+PEY
Notable Positions
D(r)umb Majur(k) 1T1
Blue & Gold Committee Chair 1T1
Community Outreach Director 1T0

Achievement Unlocked!

Achievement LGMB.png Achievement DES.png Achievement HRP.png Achievement FTB.png Achievement IYBI.png Achievement T101.png Achievement PP.png

Achievement Locked!

Achievement no RMMA.png Achievement no LGMBC.png Achievement no EP.png

Engineering Society
Preceded by
Emily Golem
Community Outreach
Succeeded by
Nitla Cooke
Preceded by
Kathy Grycko & Kevin P. Siu
Blue & Gold Committee Chair
With: Peter Raimondo
Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad
Preceded by
Alvin Ho
D(r)umb Majur(k)
Succeeded by
Gabriel Stavros