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University of Toronto Engineering Kompetitions

UTEK Senior Design 2010

The University of Toronto Engineering Kompetitons (UTEK) will be in its 16th year in 2018, and acts as a qualifier for the Ontario Engineering Competition. UTEK is hosted by the Engineering Society, although the Alumni Office offers large support for it, since UTEK is an event that not only showcases UofT’s engineering talent, it also engages past alumni to connect with students via judging.



UTEK Competitors can compete in one of six categories: Junior Design, Senior Design, Consulting Engineering, Innovative Design, Engineering Communications, and Parliamentary Debate.

All six categories are held on the same day of competition, with an awards ceremony held at the end of the competition day.


Senior DesignEdit

In teams of four, students in third or fourth year compete to solve an engineering problem disclosed on the day of the event despite limited materials and preparation time. This is a condensed version of the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) 15 hour competition, and will last 5 hours. The winning team should have a creative and feasible design, allowing them to move on to the OEC.

Junior DesignEdit

This category challenges first and second year students to design and construct a project which is revealed on the day of the competition. Similar to the Senior Team Design, both time and materials are limited. They are judged based on originality, creativity, teamwork and presentation. The time for this kompetition category is four hours.

Innovative DesignEdit

This category encourages aspiring engineers to experience bringing a new product or service to the market. Teams will produce an original design for a process, service or a product they have invented. Winning entries will have combined originality , technical and economical feasibility, a solid marketing plan with a high quality presentation and exhibition.

Consulting EngineeringEdit

In teams of up to four, kompetitors will construct and a promote a solution to an engineering problem which could be given on the date of the kompetition. In this category, sufficient preparation, teamwork, resourcefulness and communication skills are the key to taking home the winning prize.

Engineering CommunicationsEdit

The Engineering Communication category challenges competitors in teams of one or two to present a well supported viewpoint on the social, econimic and environmental impact of any current technological issue. In this kompetition, participants must identify a technological issue, form an opinion and present a convincing well-supported argument. Winning entries will have a through understanding of the issue at hand, a convincing viewpoint and a dynamic presentation.

Parliamentary DebateEdit

In teams of two, participants debate topics relevant to the Engineering profession and business and technology space in classic Pro/Against and Speaker style. Semi final and final rounds take place in public and all your fellow participants come and watch.


The UTEK Judging Panels usually consist of Alumni in the industry and Professors from various departments in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Past UTEK DirectorsEdit

Year Name
2020-2021 Valerie Ajayi Mech 2T1 + PEY
2019-2020 Atharva Datar ECE 2T1
2018-2019 Christopher Chu EngSci 1T8 + PEY
2017-2018 Henry Xu(?)
2016-2017 Alina Ma EngSci 1T8
2015-2016 Amir Kharazmi ECE 1T7
2014-2015 Maya Zhang Mech 1T4+PEY
2013-2014 Kenny Wong Chem 1T5
2012-2013 Marissa Wu EngSci 1T3
2011-2012 Layan Kutob Indy 1T2+PEY
2010-2011 Freddy Chen Comp 1T3
2009-2010 Yi-Wei Ang Indy 1T2+PEY
2008-2009 Patricia Sheridan Mech 0T9
2007-2008 Karen On Indy 1T0+PEY
2006-2007 Taimoor Isani Elec 0T8+PEY
2005-2006 Robert Jackiewicz ECE 0T8
2004-2005 Patrick Mok Indy 0T7+PEY

Past UTEK WinnersEdit

Junior DesignEdit

Year Team
2018 Morris Huang Samantha Chau Hannah Lee Amanda Pasqualini
2017 Yilin Huang Samuel McCulloch Chloe Oriotis Emma Shibata
2013 Simeon Wong Kriss Petrounov Rose Li Isabella Huang
2012 Simeon Wong Kriss Petrounov Rong Yao Brittany Yap
2011 Hanna Janossy Daniel Jacobs Newton Jain Jad Knazyeh
2010 Michael Del Balso Jay Zhou Zongyi Yang Colin Merkel
2005 Theo Soong Benjamin Yan David Schacter Ricky Leung

Senior DesignEdit

Year Team
2017 William Bateman Nafis Ahbab Jake Anderson  
2013 Aleck Wu Ling Zhong John Luo  
2011 Hubert Ka Ryan Bradley Philip Chen John Qin
2010 Kevin P. Siu Xavier Snelgrove Brendan Wong Charley Wang
2009 David Schacter Vainatey Kulkarni Owen Melville Phil Lam
2007 David Schacter Andrew Ngo Owen Melville Iliya Sigal

Consulting EngineeringEdit

Year Team
2018 Dan Nicolau Varun Sampat Atharva Datar Mayukh Haldar
2017 Ang (Leo) Li Shahryar Rajabzadeh Yufeng (Bright) Ye Ji Yeon (Sally) Lee
2012 Naeem Talukdar Ananya Tandon-Verma Maggie Cai Nelson Truong
2011 Navdeep Swach Satyam Sahi Varun Chandan Satwick Sharma
2010 Anna Sheu Liuba Mamonova Sapna Mehta Paul Klunko
2009 Akarshi Mathur William Garcia Shufrah Alam Allistor Lobo

Parliamentary DebateEdit

Year Team
2021 Dina Bernstein Vanessa Elefteriadis
2020 Emily Bao Luna Amador
2018 Ilya Kreynin Alyf Janmohamed
2017 Malik Ismail Alyf Janmohamed
2015 Andrew Kidd Stephen Xu
2012 Yi-Wei Ang Wayne Lin
2011 Yi-Wei Ang Albert Huynh
2010 Raj Pattani[1][2] Elika Mahdavi[3][4]
2009 Yi-Wei Ang Wayne Lin
2008 Evan Jones Wayne Lin

Innovative DesignEdit

Year Team
2017 Aakash Goel      
2011 Azhar Ali Ahmed Farroukh Waheed Ghouri Qazi Wajahat Sohail Waqass Bhatti
2010 Jacky Lau Johnson Zhuang  


Year Team
2018 Yilin Huang Samuel McCulloch Chloe Oriotis Emma Shibata

Engineering CommunicationsEdit

Year Name
2017 Tzu-Yun (Bonnie) Weng
2012 Hannah Janossy, Lea Janossy
2011 Raphael Sammut
2010 Manasvini Vaidyula
2009 Raphael Sammut