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| 2013
| 2013
| Colin Playle
| Colin Playle
| Min
| 2012
| 2012

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Hot sauce eating contest at Ultimate F!rosh competition 0T9

The Ultimate F!rosh competition takes place on the Tuesday evening of Godiva Week. Unlike many other Godiva Week competitions, such as Mr. Blue & Gold or Godiva's Crown, where F!rosh are forbidden from winning, Ultimate F!rosh can only be won by a first year student. The competition consists of a series of challenges determined by the previous year's Ultimate F!rosh and the runner-up from the year before.

Upon winning, the victorious F!rosh is rewarded a hardhat and swears an oath to jump up and down on command for until the next Ultimate F!rosh is chosen one year later.

Past Ultimate F!rosh Winners

Year Winner Discipline
2013 Colin Playle Min
2012 Rahul Verma ECE
2011 Nancy Ho Track One
2010 Jonathan Ng ECE
2009 Richard Medal ECE
2008 Yuri Savguira MSE
2007 Jimmy Lu Civ
2006 Rob Richer Chem
2005 Christian Maxwell EngSci
2004 Nathan Schnarr ?