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Tales of Harmonia is a mixed 30 to 40-voice auditioned, student-run choir with a passion for music in all forms, styles, and genres. We're a group of singers who enjoys music from all walks of life, and aspire to achieve harmony by being mindful of the concept of balance. Whether it's the balance in our voices or the themes and literature we present, we aim to attain that sense of equilibrium. We're a university-wide choir who revels in creating a musical environment that's all-inclusive, non-discriminatory, and at times geeky!

Tales of Harmonia is a high quality musical ensemble, in which students of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science are free to express their musical talents, and share their creativity as well as passion for music. Unique to Tales of Harmonia, members are featured in group performances and soloistic performances during our concerts, creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and freedom. Furthermore, Tales of Harmonia has also endorsed and participated in SKULE events, such as the SKULE's Got Talent.