Godiva Week

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Godiva Week schedule

Godiva Week is a week-long celebration at Skule™ in the spirit of Lady Godiva, the patron saint of engineering. Godiva Week festivities include various engineering traditions and events, including Ye Grande Olde Chariot Race, F!rosh Hardhat Decorating Competition, Ultimate F!rosh, Godiva's Quest, as well as the popular Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown Competitions. The week is traditionally rounded off by the annual engineering semi-formal, Cannonball.

Godiva Week is organized by the Blue & Gold Committee, and typically includes many charity elements, such as the Charity Date Auction, Stores Auction, and Charity Car Smash. These events often raise thousands of dollars for a local charity group such as United Way or the Cancer Society of Canada.

The events of Godiva Week generally take place during the first full week of the Winter semester, beginning with the reading of The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus during Godiva's Resurrection on Monday of Godiva Week, and culminating in the ceremonial burning of Godiva's Coffin during Godiva's Wake.

During the week, many competitions are held, including the popular Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown Competitions, which determine two of the principal figures of Skule™ spirit for the following year, Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown. The new Baby Bnad Leedur and D(r)umb Miner of the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad are also selected during Godiva's Wake.