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See also: Engineering Society Awards

Awarded to the best Engineering Society Discipline Club. Criteria for evaluation includes the quality and organization of their dinner/dance, level of student involvement in the club, quality and organization of the Iron Ring Party, effort in raising funds for Graditude, contributions to Engineering Society at large, and the quantity and quality of any other events undertaken by the club itself.

Past Recipients[edit | edit source]

Year Discipline Club Chair
2022-2023 Min Alec Gilvesy Min 2T2+PEY
2021-2022 MSE
2020-2021 Civ
2019-2020 Chem Jacob Foster Chem 2T0
2018-2019 Chem Jeffrey Dryden Chem 1T8+PEY
2017-2018 Chem Stephanie Tzanis Chem 1T7+PEY
2016-2017 ECE Brandon Norberto Comp 1T6+PEY
Patrick Howell Elec 1T6
2015-2016 MSE Michael Sabatini MSE 1T5+PEY
2014-2015 MSE Vinson Truong MSE 1T4+PEY
2013-2014 Stuti Rungee NΨ NRG 1T3+PEY
2012-2013 MSE Jacqueline MacCoon MSE 1T2+PEY
2011-2012 MSE Ronald Victorino MSE 1T1+PEY
2010-2011 ECE Catherine Kierans Elec 1T0+PEY
John Matienzo Comp 1T0+PEY
2009-2010 Indy Liuba Mamonova Indy 0T9+PEY
2008-2009 MSE Karl Visnovec ?
2007-2008* Christian Maxwell ?
Mech Ali Istchenko Mech 0T7+PEY
2006-2007 Indy Stephanie Whitehurst ?
2005-2006 Comp Kharthick Kathiresan Elec 0T5+PEY
2004-2005 Civ Chris Pearson ?
2003-2004 Mohammad Hamidian ?
2002-2003 MSE Althea Barthos ?
2001-2002 Civ ? ?

*Two Club of the Year awards were awarded in 2007-2008.