Class Rep of the Year

See also: Engineering Society Awards

Awarded annually to one Engineering Society Class Representative, regardless of discipline and year. Criteria for evaluation include effort in informing and obtaining feedback from their class, participation in Engineering Society Council Meetings, and contributions to the Engineering Society.

Prior to 2012-2013, this award used to be awarded to each of First, Second, Third and Fourth year, regardless of discipline.

Past WinnersEdit

Year Recipient
2016-2017 Marie Floryan (Class Rep) Mech 1T9
Billy Graydon (BoD Rep) ECE 1T6 + PEY
2015-2016 Sharon Ravindran EngSci 1T5+PEY
2014-2015* Kenny Chiyu Wei (Class Rep) Chem 1T6
Peter Luo (BoD Rep) Civ 1T6
2013-2014* Pierre Harfouche NΨ 1T4+PEY
Kenny Kim NΨ 1T6
2012-2013 Laura Shen ECE 1T5
Year First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
2010-2011 Teresa Nguyen CIV 1T4T1+PEY Trevor Burton Mech 1T3 Nitla Cooke Indy 1T2+PEY Saeed Kaddoura Chem 1T1
2009-2010 Andy Chen Mech 1T3 Jacquelyn MacCoon MSE 1T2T1+PEY Becky Gan Indy 1T1T1+PEY Jonathan Houle Indy 0T9+PEY
2008-2009 Albert Huynh Chem 1T2T1+PEY Not Awarded Daniel Cooperman Comp 0T9+1+PEY Evan Jones Civ 0T9
2007-2008 Wayne Lin Indy 1T1T1+PEY Julie Hommik Mech 1T0+PEY Alanna Yontef Mech 0T9+PEY Nick Tenev ?
2006-2007 ? ? ? ? Steven Gurfinkel ? Robert Nesci ?

*Two recipients were awarded in that year.