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In the summer of 2013, two engineering mascots were liberated: the Waterloo Engineeing "Ridgid Tool" (once again) and the Ryerson Engineering Ram.

The Tool

Waterloo's "Ridgid Tool" was borrowed first in July of 2013, with very poor participation from the Waterloo EngSoc in the events to follow. The Brute Force Committee claims to have acted in good faith to reignite the friendly rivalry between the University of Toronto and Waterloo, however, there was denial of this "second Tool's" existence, simultaneous events with what seemed to be a duplicate, and even the suggestion that Da BFC would spend their hard earned money making a second Tool themselves! Concluding these events, no return of the mascot was ever made, Waterloo never admitted to its authenticity, and the former rivalry was, once again, not restored. It is currently being much better cared for than in the hands of the Tool Guards, and makes an appearance on rare occasions.

The Ram

Ryerson's Ram was taken later in the summer, in August of 2013. Ryerson went on to acknowledge the validity of Brute Force Committee's claims to have relocated their mascot, but did not participate in much of the ransom demands that were sent to their attention. Eventually, after keeping the over-sized hammer through their entire orientation week (one of the few times the Ram makes an appearance), the BFC finally returned it, in pieces, with instructions for its reassembly (with Ikea-like precision).