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|firstyearchair =  TBD
|firstyearchair =  TBD
|ptsc = TBD
|msc = TBD
|fourthyearchair = TBD
|fourthyearchair = TBD
|msc = TBD
|ptsc = TBD
|valedictorian= TBD
|valedictorian= TBD

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Engineering Society Milestones

Engineering Society Positions

* Resigned
** Recalled by the Board of Directors
*** Recalled by the respective consistency


Project Directors

Chief Returning Officer

Board of Directors

Speaker Carol Yeung
Chemical Engineering Representative Muskan Sethi
Civil Engineering Representative Jinbo Yu
Computer Engineering Representative Alexander Caton
Electrical Engineering Representative Ankita Khanda
Engineering Science Representative Andrew Kidd
Industrial Engineering Representative Samuel McCulloch
Materials Science Engineering Representative Jennifer Dixon
Mechanical Engineering Representative Sourabh Das
Mineral Engineering Representative Bobby Graydon
At-Large Representative MacKenzie Campbell
At-Large Representative Zachary LaPointe
At-Large Representative Gabriel Sher
At-Large Representative Christopher Kousinioris
First Year Representative Katarina Chiam
First Year Representative Elliot De Angelis
First Year Representative Hasma Habibiy
UTSU Representative Yasmine El Sanyoura

Discipline Club Chairs

Class Representatives

Chemical Engineering 2T2 Nikhil Konduru
2T1 Brohath Amrithraj
2T0 Jacob Foster
1T9/1T8+PEY Rudan Zheng
Civil Engineering 2T2 Amy Liu
2T1 Christian Elena Pavlidis
2T0 Andrew Lau
1T9/1T8+PEY Kayla Steadman
Computer Engineering 2T2 Dhruv Warrier
2T1 Chris Dryden/Jane Illarionova
2T0 Tim Fei
1T9/1T8+PEY Tania Albarghouthi
Electrical Engineering 2T2 Joshua Pius
2T1 Linda Wu
2T0 Mohaimen Khan
1T9/1T8+PEY Mitchell Au
Engineering Science 2T2 Dingyuhan (Helen) Wang
2T1 Andrew Ming Wang
2T0 Rebekah (Mi Sol) Kim
1T9/1T8+PEY Aidan Malone
Industrial Engineering 2T2 Toufic Constantin/Tanishq Singh
2T1 Nojhat Hrishti
2T0 Claire Goldsmith
1T9/1T8+PEY Krysten Szatan
Materials Science & Engineering 2T2 Min Tsung (Mark) Liao
2T1 Calvin Yu Huynh
2T0 Brittny Eileen Carter
1T9/1T8+PEY Alan Stagg
Mechanical Engineering 2T2 Chetanya Choudhary
2T1 Max Glidden
2T0 Marie Floryan
1T9/1T8+PEY Sourabh Das
Mineral Engineering 2T2 Vacant
2T1 Demi De Silva
2T0 Matthew Goldbaum
1T9/1T8+PEY Vacant
TrackOne 2T2 John Peri

Associated Entities

Spirit Heads

Ancillary Organizations

Internal Representatives

  • First Year Chair - TBD
  • Part Time Students' Chair - TBD
  • Mature Students' Chair - TBD
  • Fourth Year Chair - TBD
  • Valedictorian - TBD

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - TBD
  • UTSU Director - TBD
  • UTSU Director - TBD
  • Student Governor - TBD

Godiva Week Competition Winners

Conferences Hosted