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Major Milestones for EngSoc in 2015-2016

Engineering Society Positions


Project Directors

Board of Directors

Speaker Billy Graydon
Chemical Engineering Representative Jason Tang
Civil Engineering Representative Peter Luo
Computer Engineering Representative Milan Maljković
Electrical Engineering Representative Andrew Boetto
Engineering Science Representative Apurv Bharadwaj
Industrial Engineering Representative Benjamin Leung
Materials Science Engineering Representative Amy Zhao
Mechanical Engineering Representative Robert Goldberg
Mineral Engineering Representative Ogi Kelec
At-Large Representative Kevin Rupasinghe
At-Large Representative Ryan Gomes
At-Large Representative Aidan Solala
At-Large Representative John Sweeney
First Year Representative Twesh Uphadhyaya
First Year Representative Victoria Cheng
First Year Representative Christopher Choquette
UTSU Representative vacant

*Resigned ** Recalled from the Board of Directors

Discipline Club Chairs

Class Representatives

Chemical Engineering 1T8 Jeff Dryden
1T7 vacant
1T6 Andrew Kostruba
1T5 Peter Murphy
Civil Engineering 1T8
1T7 Kayla Steadman
1T5 Billy Ge
Computer Engineering 1T8
1T7 Melissa Campoli
1T5 vacant
Electrical Engineering 1T8
1T7 Mitchell Au
1T5 vacant
Engineering Science 1T8
1T5 Sharon Ravindran
Industrial Engineering 1T8
1T7 Krysten Szatan
1T5 vacant
Materials Science & Engineering 1T8
1T7 Stephen Manion
1T5 vacant
Mechanical Engineering 1T8
1T6 Ashley McIlvena
Mineral Engineering 1T8
1T7 vacant
TrackOne 1T8 Alex Caton
First Year Chair 1T8 Sofia Tijanic
Fourth Year Chair 1T5

Skule™ Spirit

Godiva Week Competition Winners

External Representatives

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Joshua Calafato
  • UTSU Director - Emily Xu
  • UTSU Director - Saarthak Saxena/Raffi Dergalstanian*
  • After Saarthak Saxena resigned, Raffi Dergalstanian was elected in a by-election held in October 2015.

Conferences Hosted