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Engineering Society 2003-2004

Engineering Society Positions


Commercial Operations


Discipline Club Chairs

Class Representatives

Chemical Engineering 0T7 Rom Chehade/Hooman Mehranvar/Claudia Wu
0T6 Kavanagh Mannas
0T5 Vacant
0T4 Feraz Shere
Civil Engineering 0T7 Andrew Orel-Golla/Steve Mah
0T6 Jennifer Assal
0T5 Vacant
0T4 Nikol Kochmanova
Computer Engineering 0T7 Rachenne Regozo/David Medal
0T6 Andrew McIntosh
0T5 Adam Dou
0T4 Mathew Szeto
Electrical Engineering 0T7 Daniel Altin
0T6 Arnold Pat
0T5 Mike Studniberg
0T4 Matthew Chan
Engineering Science 0T7 Nicole di Carlo/Nazlee Zebardast
0T6 John McLeod
0T5 Mike McLennan
0T4 Todd Reichert
Industrial Engineering 0T7 Vacant
0T6 Ivan Yuen
0T5 Gobi Kathirgamanathan
0T4 Vacant
Materials Science & Engineering 0T7 Vacant
0T6 Leona Smith
0T5 Charles Soong
0T4 Vacant
Mechanical Engineering 0T7 Kian Marandi/John Im
0T6 Amy Burke
0T5 Jennifer Choly
0T4 Vacant
Mineral Engineering 0T7 Vacant
0T6 Vacant
0T5 Mike Diez D'Aux
0T4 Vacant
TrackOne 0T7 vacant

Year Chairs

  • First Year - Daniel Zacarelli
  • Second Year - vacant
  • Third Year - vacant
  • PEY - Meredith Noble
  • Fourth Year - Krystle Connerty

Skule™ Spirit

Godiva Week Competition Winners

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Amit Ahlawat
  • UTSU Director - Hans Hesse
  • UTSU Director - Jack Wu