University of Toronto Mandarin Chinese Christian Fellowship

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The University of Toronto Mandarin Chinese Christian Fellowship (MCCF) is a community of Mandarin-speaking students within U of T, who are here to experience and express God’s love. Our aims include: • To deepen the spiritual lives of the mandarin speaking students through bible studies and activities based on biblical truth • To guide new and mature Christ believers to local churches for spiritual support and in-depth resources • To introduce to non-believers the salvation of Lord Jesus Christ

We provide Mandarin speaking students of the Skule community as well as UofT campus at large a place to learn and share about biblical truth. We provide a community in which individual build friendship and find support in times of need. We especially reach out to the Madndarin speaking international/newly arrive students whom may experience culture difference in the hope of integrating them into the community for their time at Skule.