TrackOne Mentorship Program

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TrackOne Mentorship program provides services specifically for first year TrackOne students that help them transition into university. In addition, TrackOne Mentorship aims to develop and maintain a meaningful platform for the growth of Skule spirit within the TrackOne community. The mission of the TrackOne Mentorship program is to pair first year TrackOne students with upper year TrackOne alumni. Workshops, socials, and other events will be organized in order to provide students with resources to succeed and facilitate the development of a stronger TrackOne community.

In addition, the TrackOne Mentorship program seeks to define and solidify the TrackOne community and its associated traditions in order to create an individual, diverse, and strong identity within SKULE. The program will be a grounded and experienced platform, which will work with the TrackOne committee and representative to improve the TrackOne experience and extend the feeling of community throughout years to come.