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Triple-D Cup

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The idea, introduced to the three engineering societies by the ESSCO executives, was based loosely on the "Cup Run" organized between the University of Alberta and University of Calgary Engineering Students' Societies. The Alberta version of the Cup Run involved the two universities taking turns hosting the Alberta Cup, which allowed them to call the other engineering society at a time of their choosing - if the opposing engineering society arrived within four hours, they were granted free drinks at the hosts' expense.<ref>Yasser Al-Khder, [ "The Cup Will Be Up"]. ''The Iron Warrior'' (2 Nov 2011).</ref>
By late June 20192010, efforts began to draft a document outlining the rules and regulations involving the engineering societies of all three schools. Scott Rankin proposed the first draft as a mock "motion" before ESSCO, titled ''"[[:File:Motion Three Schools one cup.pdf|Three Schools One Cup]]''". On July 5, 2010, the three participating engineering societies agreed to and enacted ''[[:File:The Gran Turismo Accord.pdf|The Gran Turismo Accord]]'', defining the initial rules for ''The Cannonball Run''.
In general terms, the Accord provides that at least once per semester, the school in possession of The Cup must declare "The Cup is up!" and the other two schools must race to the host. After the first school arrives to claim The Cup, there is a three hour window in which the second school may arrive to challenge the claim. In this case, the winner of The Cup is then determined by a [ BOAT race] using the host school's house rules.
Skule™ first won The Cup on February 4, 2011.
==The Gran Turismo Accord==
===Section 1 - Spirit and Motivation===
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