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Godiva's Hymn

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<h2>Verses about Godiva</h2>''The first verse is always sung first before the chorus, typically followed by the second. After that it's anyone's game!''
<dl><dd>Venus is a statue made entirely of stone,</dd><dd>There's not a fig leaf on her, she's as naked as a bone.</dd><dd>On noticing her arms were gone, an Engineer discoursed,</dd><dd>"The damn thing's busted concrete and it should be reinforced."</dd></dl>
<dl><dd>An Engineer once came to class so drunk and very late,</dd><dd>He stumbled through the lecture hall at an ever-diminishing rate.</dd><dd>The only things that held him up and kept him on his course,</dd><dd>Were the boundary condition and the electromotive force.</dd></dl>
<dl><dd>An Engineer from UBC UofT once found the gates of Hell,</dd><dd>They looked the devil in the eye and said, "You're looking well."</dd><dd>Satan just returned the glare and said, "Why visit me?</dd><dd>You've been through Hell already, since you went to UBC!"</dd></dl>
<h2>Verses about Disciplines</h2><dl><dd>A Comp and an Elec did battle outside Bahen hall,</dd><dd>Students gathered round to watch the two great students brawl.</dd><dd>The Elec spoke of flux and fields for a minute, two or three,</dd><dd>But the Comp kept rambling on and on and on recursively!</dd></dl>
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