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Ye Grande Olde Chariot Race

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'''Ye Grade Olde Chariot Race''' is the oldest tradition of [[Godiva Week]], dating back over 100 years. This illustrious race pits every [[discipline]] (and the F!rosh) against each other in a full-contact race through the snow (or mud) of Front Campus. The Chariot Race included entries from other Faculties and Colleges decades ago when it was a campus-wide event.
The winner of the Chariot Race is decided by a committee of three judges - a [[Blue & Gold Committee]] Chair, the highest bidder for the Judge position at the [[Charity Stores AuctionAuctions]] during Godiva Week, and the champion of [[Godiva's Quest]]. The judges have been known to take 'bribes' of BEvERages in the process of choosing a winner.
The winning [[Discipline Club]] receives bragging rights and the J.P. Potts Memorial Trophy for one year.


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