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Galbraith Building

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* [[Mark Huggins Structures Laboratory]]
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 : It is almost forty years since any additional accommodation
has been made available to Civil and Electrical Engineering,
and Aeronautical Engineering has entered as a newcomer
  <p class=="mw_paragraph">Allan Kuan lives here :)</p><h2>Structure and Architecture</h2><p class=="mw_paragraph">The Galbraith Building, much like many buildings at the University constructed in the mid-twentieth century, is said to be designed in the spare [ International Style] with its clean geometric lines and exposed concrete structural elements. It is a kind of "square donut" built around a courtyard (known to most students as the "GB Quad"). The main architectural features consist of regular concrete columns and beams forming bays filled by dark and light-brown brick. On the north side, the columns are clad with limestone.<ref>L.W. Richards, ''The Campus Guide: University of Toronto'' (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009).</ref>
===</p><h3>Becca's H</h3><p class==="mw_paragraph">The steel sculpture at the front of the building on the West side is known as ''Becca's H'', donated to the Faculty in 1973 and designed by [ Robert Gray Murray], a Canadian sculptor known for his abstract designs. The minimalist red sculpture is so named because it is shaped like the letter "H" and is dedicated to the artist's daughter, Rebecca.<ref></ref> The plaque in front of the sculpture reads: "Presented by grateful alumni and friends to commemorate the centennial of the founding of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering University of Toronto 1873-1973."
==</p><h2>References</h2><p class=="mw_paragraph">

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