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Triple-D Cup

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|description = winning the Cannonball Run
|first = October 30, 2010
|last = March 23August 10, 2019|holder = McMasterSkuleTM
The competition is loosely based on the Alberta Cup and corresponding Cup Run, an event run between the engineering societies of the University of Alberta and University of Calgary.
In June 2010, at the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Engineering Students Societies' Council of Ontario ([ ESSCO]), the Presidents and VP Externals of the engineering societies of the University of Waterloo (Scott Rankin/Tim Bandura and Leah Allen/Kevin Ling), McMaster University (Kyle Heywood/Evan Stevens), and University of Toronto (Kevin Siu/Mauricio Curbelo) along with the incoming and outgoing presidents of ESSCO (Spencer McEwan and Alessia Danelon) discussed a friendly competition to promote spirit and inter-school rivalry.
Skule™ first won The Cup on February 4, 2011.
==The Gran Turismo Accord==
===Section 1 - Spirit and Motivation===
 :1. This accord defines a friendly competition between Engineering Student Societies, in the hopes of fostering spirit and community building. The purpose of this competition is to bring the respective Engineering Societies together in a common purpose, and to have some fun.
===Section 2 - Participants===
 :1. This accord to hold this competition is held between the McMaster Engineering Society, the University of Toronto Engineering Society, and the University of Waterloo Engineering Society.
===Section 3 - Definitions===
 :1. This competition is named “The Cannonball Run”. This competition will adopt a trophy, which will be named the “Triple-­D Cup”. Within this accord, the trophy is henceforth referred to as the Cup.:2. The Possessor is defined as the Society in possession of the Cup:3. The Contestants are defined as the Societies who are competing for the Cup.:4. The Keyword is defined as the phrase “The Cup is up!”, which initiates the competition.:5. The Office of the Possessor is defined as the Engineering Society Office.::1. McMaster University Engineering Society John Hodgins Engineering, Room 121B, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON L8S 4L7::2. University of Toronto Engineering Society Sandford Fleming Building, Room B740, 10 King’s College Road, Toronto, ON, M5S 3G4 ::3. University of Waterloo Engineering Society Carl Pollock Hall Room 1327, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1:63G16. The Victor is defined as the Society who successfully claims the Cup.
===Section 4 - Conduct of the Competition===
 :1. At any one point in time, one Society will be in possession of the Cup.:2. At least once per academic term, the competition must occur. The Possessor is in charge of initiating a race between the Contestants to claim possession of the Cup.:3. The competition is initiated when the Possessor contacts the Contestants, and declares the Keyword. The Possessor must declare the Keyword to all Contestants within fifteen (15) minutes of each other.:4. Upon the Cup being “up”, all Contestants must race to the Office of the Possessor. Both Contestants have 24 hours to reach the Office of the Possessor.:5. The first Contestant to reach the Possessor will claim possession of the Cup and be declared the Victor. However, if both Contestants reach the Possessor within three (3) hours of the competition commencing, both Contestants must compete in a BOAT race to claim the cup. The BOAT race will be conducted using the local rules of the Possessor.:6. If neither Contestant claims possession of the Cup within 24 hours of the Keyword being declared, the current Possessor retains possession of the Cup until it is successfully claimed. The Contestants will allowed to be heckled for not claiming the Cup. Heckling includes any taunts, insults, or question of the Contestant’s ability to function above the intelligence of a standard snapping turtle. Heckling may not exceed 43 seconds.:7. Upon a Contestant claiming possession of the Cup, much celebration shall be had between all Societies present, at a location of the Possessor’s discretion, and much debauchery shall be had. The Possessor should consider the logistics of lodging any of the Contestants that engage in too much debauchery.:8. Once claimed, the Cup will travel back to the Society of the Victor, where they will become the Possessor.
===Section 5 - Possessing the Cup===
 :1. The President or Vice President External of the Possessor is responsible for the well-being of the Cup.:2. The competition is initiated by the President or Vice President External of the Possessor contacting the President or Vice President External of the Contestants.:3. If the Cup is misplaced, damaged, or stolen, the Possessor is responsible for procuring a new Cup within one month. The Contestants are allowed to abuse the President or Vice President External of the Possessor for their clumsiness.:4. Abuse is limited to a backhand slap delivered to the face or kidney.
===Section 6 - Amending this Accord===
 :1. This accord can be amended at any face-­to-­face meeting of all Engineering Student Societies participating in the competition. Once agreed upon unanimously, each respective Engineering Student Society must ratify the amendments to this Accord, through their own procedures.:2. At least three pitchers must be consumed during the deliberations.
==Past Cannonball Runs==
{| class="wikitable"
!|March 23, 2019Date!|UW (In Toronto)Host!|McMasterWinner
|November 18|March 23, 20182019|Skule™|UW (In Toronto)|UW|McMaster
|July 11|November 18, 2018|UW|Skule™|Skule™|UW
|Early |July 11, 2018|McMaster|UW|UW|Skule™
|November 14?, 2017|Early 2018|UW|McMaster|McMaster|UW
|July 16|November 14?, 20162017|McMaster (In Niagara)|UW|UW|McMaster
|March 4|July 16, 2016|UW|McMaster (In Niagara)|McMaster|UW
|November 27|March 4, 20152016|McMaster|UW|UW|McMaster
|October 2|November 27, 2015|UW|McMaster|McMaster|UW
|April 3|October 2, 2015|McMaster|UW|UW|McMaster
|February 28|April 3, 2015|Skule™|McMaster|McMaster|UW
|November |February 28, 2014***2015|McMaster|Skule™|Skule™|McMaster
|May 31|November 28, 2014***|Conestoga (in Hamilton)|McMaster|McMaster|Skule™
|November 6|May 31, 20132014|Waterloo |Conestoga (in GuelphHamilton)|Conestoga|McMaster
|May 25|November 6, 2013**|McMaster |Waterloo (in WaterlooGuelph)|UW|Conestoga
|April 6|May 25, 2013**|UW|McMaster (in Waterloo)|McMaster|UW
|March 16|April 6, 2013*|McMaster|UW|UW|McMaster
|September 14|March 16, 20122013*|Skule™|McMaster|McMaster|UW
|July 21|September 14, 2012|McMaster|Skule™|Skule™|McMaster
|January 28|July 21, 2012|UW|McMaster|McMaster|Skule™
|December 2|January 28, 2011*2012|McMaster|UW|UW|McMaster
|November 5|December 2, 2011*|UW|McMaster|McMaster|UW
|June 18|November 5, 2011|McMaster|UW|UW|McMaster
|March 25|June 18, 2011|Skule™|McMaster|McMaster|UW
|February 4|March 25, 2011|UW|Skule™|Skule™|McMaster
|December 3|February 4, 20102011|McMaster|UW|UW|Skule™
|October 30|December 3, 2010|UW|McMaster|McMaster|UW
||October 30, 2010
2011-02-11_SkuleFirstCup.jpg|thumb|Skule in possession of The Cup, upon its first victory in February 2011.
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