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Skule Cannon

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The [[Chief Attiliator]] at the time [later revealed to be David Belvedere] built a new Cannon to celebrate the 85th year of the Cannon, the 140th year of [[Skule]], and to replace the 1998 Cannon. The 1998 Cannon was in service for 15 years, the longest of any [[Skule]] Cannon thus far, and was replaced [due to] signs of wear.
The 1T3 cannon Cannon is made from a high strength, rare type of stainless steel, and has been heat treated for maximum strength. It has new structural designs, stronger materials, and other specifications that make it the strongest, loudest, and mightiest [[Skule]] Cannon to date." This cannon cost $7,500 to manufacture and receives non-destructive testing annually to ensure its safety.
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