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Chief Attiliator

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The Chief Attiliator wears a belt made from the chain that once protected the Waterloo Tool, from the [[Waterloo Tool Liberation of 1982]], as well as a ring that was once a part of the Queen's Grease Pole, acquired during the [[Queen's Grease Pole Liberation of 2000]], and its piece aquired during the [[Queen's Grease Pole Liberation (2015)|Queen's Grease Pole Liberation of 2015]].
Each Chief Attiliator takes a pyrotechnics certification course and gets a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).
===Etymology of "Attiliator"===
===Past Chief Attiliators===
[[List of Chief Attiliators|''See List of Chief Attiliators'']]
:''See also: [[Trifecta Award]]''
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