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Gamecube playing, Trogdor slaying, artsie laying, fine paying; Police escorting, lecture aborting, broomball sporting, cheerleader courting; S-Dance boating, Homecoming floating, proxy voting, sticker coating;
Note nailing, scale scaling, song wailing, movie delaying; Football loss cheering, spaghetti monster fearing, alumni suds beering, fire bell searing; Pride Parade priding, traffic abiding, trombone sliding, mustache riding; Queens Golden showering, Sourpuss souring, gin devouring, F! deflowering;  Funeral halting, mascot assaulting, beverage malting, artsie insulting;
CN Tower, Skydome, Eaton Centre, Pratt Building, Four Seasons, Innis Condo, Scarborough RT, Bahen Centre for information Technology, Ontario University Fair, Varsity Stadium, Skulenite, Spadina streetcar and Sheppard subway OPENING...
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