Purple Dye

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The colour purple represents great significance in the traditions of engineering schools across Canada. Many engineering students take the opportunity to dye themselves purple over the course of their Orientation Weeks to signify their dedication to their profession. In recent years, Skule™ engineering students have begun to dye themselves purple prior to participation in the annual Pride Parade.

The Royal Military Corps of Engineers wore purple arm bands to distinguish themselves as members of their profession. Their sweat and the brine from their working conditions caused the dye from the arm bands to seep into their skin, dyeing a patch of skin purple. These engineers were highly respected and celebrated as people of personal sacrifice, always ensuring that they did whatever what was in their power to repair damage endured by ships, allowing passengers more time to escape to safety. Engrossed in their life-saving efforts, the engineering often made the ultimate sacrifice, and slipped into the depths along with the failing ships.

Written by Nicole Cyhelka, Archivist 1T1-1T2 for the "Ye Olde Skule Story Book"