Julie Payette

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Julie Payette Julie Payette.jpg
Discipline Electrical/Computer
Year 1990 (MASc.)
Notable Positions
29th Governor General of Canada

Julie Payette was the 29th Governor General of Canada until her resignation in 2021. After completing her undergraduate degree at McGill University in electrical engineering, she completed her masters degree in 1990 at the University of Toronto in computer engineering. She served as chief astronaut for the Canadian Space Agency and as a capsule communicator with NASA. She was sworn in as Governor General on October 2nd, 2017 serving with prime minister Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth II [1].

Despite enjoying a high flying performance pre-politics, Payette's tenure as Governor General was marred by controversy. After a mere month into her new role, she made comments arguing against creationism, bogus science, and fake news [2]. This was seen as an out-of-this-world departure from the usual non-partisan role a Governor General occupies. Accounts of Payette evading her security detail because they weren't giving her enough space were also reported [3]. Capping off her sub stellar performance were accusations of her abusing her staffers resulting in Payette tendering her resignation in January 2021 [4].

No longer being in the public eye, Payette will look for a new career to lift off. In the opinion of this reporter, it is unlikely she will reenter politics anytime soon.