Engineering Society Centennial Award

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See also: Engineering Society Awards

The Engineering Society Centennial Award is given annually to one person in first year and one person in second year who demonstrates commitment and dedication to the Engineering Society through involvement in extra-curricular activities run by the Engineering Society.

Past Recipient[edit | edit source]

Year First Year Recipient Second Year Recipient
2016-2017 Samuel McCulloch & Katharine Armstrong Min 2T0 & ECE 2T0 Mahsa Naserifar ECE 1T9
2015-2016 Sofia Tijanic ECE 1T9 Carole Suarez Mech 1T8
2014-2015 Carlos Antonio Fiel Chem 1T8+1 Kevin Vincze & Will Merrick Chem 1T7 & Min 1T7
2013-2014 Joshua Calafato NΨ 1T7 Not Awarded
2012-2013 Kenny Kim NΨ 1T6 David Belvedere NΨ 1T5
2011-2012 Kimberly Shen Comp 1T5 Ishan Gupta Chem 1T4
2010-2011 Ryan Mintz ECE 1T4 Gabriel Stavros MSE 1T3+PEY
2009-2010 Mauricio Curbelo Civ 1T3+PEY Prachy Mohan Mech 1T2
2008-2009 Misha Stecyk Elec 1T2 Wayne Lin Indy 1T1+PEY
2007-2008 Wayne Lin Indy 1T1+PEY Cyrene Wu Civ 1T0+PEY
2006-2007 - - Geoffrey Siu NΨ 0T9+PEY
2005-2006 Steven Szeto Indy 0T9 Ian Swartz Comp 0T8
2004-2005 ? ? 0T8 Chris Doan ELEC 0T7 + PEY
2003-2004 ? ? 0T7 ? ? 0T6
2002-2003 ? ? 0T6 ? ? 0T5
2001-2002 Samuel Orr ? 0T5 Susan Hogle Mech 0T4