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The University of Toronto Engineering Photography Club was started in September 2008 to address the demand for Skule Photographers at major engineering events such as F!rosh Week, Godiva Week, Pranks, and Dinner Dances. The EPC was also created as a platform where students at Skule can explore their passion for photography through photoshoots and tutorials that the club held.

The club has done photoshoots for major Skule events including: The TrackOne Dinner Dance, Cannonball, MIE Dinner Dance, Chem Dinner Dance, Moment Valentines Ball, Godiva Week, and F!rosh Week.


The University of Toronto Engineering Photography Club was awarded the Youth Volunteer Group of the Year - 2008 to 2009 by Family Service Toronto, Toronto's oldest Non-Government Organization. The EPC launched a project with Family Service Toronto to go to major community centres and malls to take family photos for members of the community who may not have had that opportunity.