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The 2020-2021 year was largely defined by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering offered a remote-access guarantee for all students, meaning the majority of learning was done online. Many yearly events such as Orientation and Skule Nite were held entirely virtually for the first time. Other notable events include the controversial approval of the new PEY program.

Engineering Society Positions[edit | edit source]

Officers[edit | edit source]

Project Directors[edit | edit source]

Board of Directors[edit | edit source]

Speaker Zahir Firoze
Chemical Engineering Representative Ruknoon Dinder
Civil Engineering Representative Raphael Hazel
Computer Engineering Representative David Song
Electrical Engineering Representative Archit Bhargava
Engineering Science Representative Aidan Grenville
Industrial Engineering Representative Emily Goridkov
Materials Science Engineering Representative Nicole Ryk
Mechanical Engineering Representative Dina Bernstein
Mineral Engineering Representative Jessie Jung
At-Large Representative Stella Gregorski
At-Large Representative Parker Johnston
At-Large Representative Andrew Chen
First Year Representative Neo Lou
First Year Representative Cathy Wang
First Year Representative Nelson Lee
UTSU Representative Paul Kaita

Associated Entities[edit | edit source]

Spirit Heads[edit | edit source]

Ancillary Organizations[edit | edit source]

Internal Representatives[edit | edit source]

  • First Year Chair - Aarabhi Krishnakumar
  • Part Time Students Chair - Elena Pappas
  • Mature Students' Chair - Vacant
  • Fourth Year Chair - Muskan Sethi
  • Valedictorian - Chloe Oriotis

External Representatives[edit | edit source]

  • UTSU Director - Andrew Chen
  • UTSU Director - Nelson Lee
  • Student Governor - Diana Li