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Engineering Society 2006-2007

Engineering Society Positions[edit source]

Officers[edit source]

Commercial Operations[edit source]


Discipline Club Chairs[edit source]

Class Representatives[edit source]

Chemical Engineering 1T0 Stephen Pinto
0T9 Madana Fazi
0T8 Arindam Mukherjee
0T7 Rob Nesci
Civil Engineering 1T0 Amelie Lesser
0T9 Evan Jones
0T8 Martina Betkova
0T7 Carolyn Hicks
Computer Engineering 1T0 Chriss Chan
0T9 Andrew Rosselet
0T8 Steven Gurfinkel
0T7 Peter Grycko
Electrical Engineering 1T0 Ainey Yousef
0T9 Jerry Kuo
0T8 Taimoor Isani
0T7 Juan Fantin
Engineering Science 1T0 Franklin Wang/Raphael Sammut
0T9 Geoffrey Siu
0T8 Safa Mahmood
0T7 Paul Radcliffe
Industrial Engineering 1T0 vacant
0T9 Jonathan Houle
0T8 Stephanie Anam
0T7 Ivan Yuen
Materials Science & Engineering 1T0 M. Dick
0T9 Karl Visnovec
0T8 Priyanka Prasad
0T7 Jacqueline Lim
Mechanical Engineering 1T0 Ronnie Hoffer
0T9 Franz LaZerte
0T8 Onome Igharoro
0T7 Jordan Silverman
Mineral Engineering 1T0 Cameron Andrews
0T9 Keannot Oullette
0T8 Kieran Prashad
0T7 Krystal Nagel
TrackOne 1T0 vacant

Year Chairs[edit source]

  • First Year - Ronnie Hoffer
  • Second Year - Eric Bradshaw
  • Third Year - Andrew Shorten
  • PEY - Henry Cheung
  • Fourth Year - Cameron Fraser

Skule™ Spirit[edit source]

Godiva Week Competition Winners[edit source]

External Representatives[edit source]

  • UTSU Director - Adnan Najmi
  • UTSU Director - Andrea Armborst