Year Walls

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Every year, each incoming class of F!rosh at the end of their first year has the privilege of painting a mural (usually following a particular theme) onto a designated wall in the Pit. The First Year chair is normally responsible for overseeing the completion of the mural.

Year Theme Notes Picture
1T0 Pac-Man Trivia: As of 2019, this is the only Year Mural that reacts to Blacklight. 1T0 Year Wall.jpg
1T1 Super Mario
1T2 Spiderman
1T3 Engineering Timetables
1T4 Lord of the Rings
1T5 Pokémon
1T6 Tetris
1T7 Harry Potter
1T9 The Avengers
2T0 Eggs Legend has it that the class of 2T0 designed their mural based on a meme from preparing for F!rosh Week 1T7, in which many students suggested that 1T7's F!rosh Week should be Egg-Themed. The suggestion was ultimately rejected, however relics of this tale remain in the Year Wall, as well as the informal nickname, 2TEgg. In the 2019 Summer semester, the mural was redone to improve the overall aesthetic of the design.
2T1 Fish
2T2 ??? Jeeeeeeez be patient!