VP Student Life

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VP Student Life

Harrison Chan
Mech 2T2T1
as of April 2020
email vpstudentlife@skule.ca
Other names VPSL, VP Social, VP Activities
Years active as of 2004
Employer President
Organization Engineering Society
Board member of Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Student Affairs & Gender Issues, Positive Space, Student Space Planning

The Vice-President Student Life is one of the executive members of the Engineering Society, and specifically is responsible for the social and cultural well-being of the Society. Further, the Vice-President Student Life oversees outreach and social activities as specified in the Bylaws.

The mandated role of the VP Student Life is stated in The Constitution: Bylaw 1, Chapter 3 and The Constitution:Bylaw 4, Chapter 6.


The VP Student Life Portfolio includes:

  • Student issues including:
    • Community affairs and gender issues
    • Positive space


The VP Student Life is also responsible for the well-being of social and non-academic interests. Current and ongoing projects include:

  • Club Affiliation Process
  • Club Funding
  • Leadership Development Services
  • Volunteer Network Program

Past VP Student Life Officers

Year Name
2022-2023 Noah Guerin ECE 2T2+PEY
2021-2022 Karman Lochab ECE ?T?
2020-2021 Harrison Chan Mech 2T2T1 + PEY
2019-2020 Zachary Jager LaPointe ECE 2T1 + PEY
2018-2019 Michela Trozzo Elec 2T0 +PEY
2017-2018 Mahsa Naserifar Elec 1T9T1 + PEY
2016-2017 Raneem Shammas Mech 1T8T1 + PEY
2015-2016 Madeleine Santia Indy 1T7 + PEY
2014-2015 Cory Sulpizi CIV 1T6 + PEY
2013-2014 Gabriel Stavros MSE 1T3 + PEY
2012-2013 Nikola Radovanovic*/Ishan Gupta Mech 1T4T1+?/Chem 1T4
2011-2012 Owyn Notario Civ 1T1 + PEY
2010-2011 Albert Huynh Chem 1T2T1 + PEY
2009-2010 Wayne Lin Indy 1T1T1 + PEY
2008-2009 Jimmy Lu Civ 1T0
2007-2008 George Missios Chem 0T9
2006-2007 Mike Kranz Civ 0T7
2005-2006 Nicole DiCarlo ?
2004-2005 Peter Suddard Mech 0T5+1


Past VP Activities


Year Name
2003-2004 Mike Diez D'aux ?
2002-2003 Stephanie Bradley ?
1998-1999 Struan Vaz ELEC 0T0 + PEY
1990-1991 Paul Vranesic CIV 9T1