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The Vice-President Finance or VP Finance is the Chief Financial Officer of the Society. Responsibilities include the preparation of operating budgets for approval by the Engineering Society’s members and the upkeep of accounting records with respect to all financial and like transactions of the Society. As well, the VP Finance ensures that students’ funds are spent in an appropriate manner, satisifactory to our constituents. The VP Finance’s portfolio of directors includes:

  • Cafeteria Managers
  • Cannonball Chair
  • Gradball Chair
  • Engineering Stores Managers
  • Skule Nite Liason
  • Sponsorship Director
  • SUDS Managers

As well, the VP Finance oversees the disbursement of the Student Levy Fund to the various departments in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Past VP Finances

Year Name Discipline
2010-2011 Ryan Bradley Nψ 1T2