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| education                = EngSci 2T0
| education                = EngSci 2T0
| term                      = as of April 2018
| term                      = as of April 2018
| image                    = EngSoc-logo-crest.png <!-- just the name, without the File: or Image: prefix or enclosing [[brackets]] -->
| image_size                = 200px
| caption                  = incumbent:
| caption                  = incumbent:

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VP Academic

Matthew Zhang
EngSci 2T0
as of April 2018
email vpacademic@skule.ca
Employer President
Organization Engineering Society
Board member of Board of Directors, Faculty Council, Faculty Council Executive Committee, Engineering Career Center Advisory Board, Career Fair Advisory Board

The Vice-President Academic is one of the executive members of the Engineering Society. The VP Academic represents students' interests with regards to their academic and professional development, maintaining and disseminating information on the academic regulations and procedures of the Faculty and University, and operating and improving academic services that the Engineering Society provides to its students.

The mandated role of the Vice-President Academic is stated in Bylaw 1, Chapter 3 and Bylaw 4, Chapter 4.


The Vice-President Academic portfolio includes:

  • Exams Repository
  • Tutors Database
  • Academic Advocacy Committee
  • UTEK Director
  • Hi-Skule Liaison
  • You're Next Career Fair Director
  • Class Representatives
  • Faculty Council Standing Committee Representatives

Current Projects

  • First-Year Anti-Calendar
  • Mid-Term Course Evaluations (SpeakUp.Skule.ca)
  • Academic Advocacy Committee

Ongoing Projects

  • Exams Database (courses.skule.ca)
  • Tutors Database (tutors.skule.ca) and Training Program

Past Projects

  • Engineering Career Center Survey and Report

Past VP Academics

Year Name
2018-2019 Matthew Zhang EngSci 2T0
2017-2018 Sofia Tijanic ECE 1T9+PEY
2016-2017 Samantha Stuart MSE 1T8+PEY
2015-2016 Oghosa Igbinakenzua Indy 1T7T1+PEY
2014-2015 Ryan Gomes NΨ 1T6/Mech 1T6+1
2013-2014 Shaishav Shah*/Fady Soliman NΨ 1T6/Mech 1T5+PEY
2012-2013 Matthew Lattavo Civ 1T4T1
2011-2012 Freddy Chen* Comp 1T3T1
2010-2011 Yi-Wei Ang Indy 1T2T1+PEY
2009-2010 David Cheung Civ 1T1T1+PEY
2008-2009 Daryl Martis ECE 1T0
2007-2008 Raj Pattani*/Edward On ?/Civ 0T7+PEY
2006-2007 David Lee NΨ 0T7
2005-2006 Agnes Durlik Chem 0T5+PEY
2004-2005 Dan Mireanu ECE 0T5

* Resigned