The Great F!rosh Uprising of 1919

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As all students are aware, F!rosh Week tends to involve imposing certain indignities on the incoming f!rosh. This was even truer in the ancient past than it is today, but nevertheless, F!rosh Leedurs seldom had much difficulty keeping the new f!rosh in line. But all this was to change dramatically when the Class of 2T3 came along.

For those who know their history, this class began their Skule careers in the 1919-1920 skule year, immediately after the First World War. Not surprisingly, this class was composed overwhelmingly of former army, navy and air force servicemen. The First Year President himself had been a front-line infantry officer, and he decided that this time, the f!rosh would reverse things and initiate the leedurs. When his class was asked to present themselves at the old gymnasium behind North House to be initiated, the rebellion began. Being the experienced officer he was, he quickly assembled a corps of followers and organized them along military lines.

His Intelligence Section managed to ascertain the plan of the f!rosh leedurs, reporting to their commander that they would be gathering in the gymnasium to set things up for the initiation. The f!rosh were then to be admitted into the room at a controlled rate where they would be initiated. Keen tactician that he was, the f!rosh president-turned-Commander decided that the best course of action would be to trap the leedurs in the gym and instead control their exit, administering their own initiation as they came. Accordingly, one f!rosh Division was to lock all doors from the outside, except for one three-by-three foot door at ground level which would be used as the control exit. Another was to cut off all lights to the building, while a third would inject just enough ammonia into the gym to make the leedurs willing to escape as fast as possible.

The day of the initiations came, and as expected, the leedurs gathered in the gym. When the f!rosh failed to show up, there was some concern, but nobody took it very seriously. That is, until all the lights died. Then there was a loud crash as a skylight was shattered and a glass container of liquid ammonia plummeted to the floor. As the stifling, noxious vapours filled the room, the leedurs began to panic and made a rush for the doors, only to find all but one of them locked. Outside, the f!rosh were undoubtedly feeling quite pleased with themselves, but this was short-lived. As the first leedurs began to exit from the small control door, they seemed to be gasping for air and collapsing to the ground a good deal more than was intended. This, combined with the loud screams of agony from within the gym, led the f!rosh to believe that all was not well. The large doors were opened and there followed a mass exodus of the leedurs, many of whom fell to the grass. But fortunately, within minutes most had recovered. The f!rosh that remained on the scene were then subjected to an unplanned, uncommonly rough initiation by the leedurs. Among them was the leader of the insurrection.

No f!rosh classes have ever attempted such a large-scale revolt since that time.

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Adapted from Adam Trumpour, Archivist 0T2 - 0T3 and published in the Cannon; Volume XX, Issue II