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[edit] [purge] 50px Template documentation


This template trims whitespace from a string. The string should be passed as the first unnamed parameter. You may substitute this template - that is, if used as Template:Tlxs, the resulting wikicode is "clean".


{{trim|text}} = text with any leading or trailing whitespace removed.


  • "{{trim| abc}}" produces "abc"

Template data[edit]

Template:TemplateDataHeader <templatedata> {

       "description": "The template trims whitespace from a string.",
       "params": {
               "1": {
                       "label": "String",
                       "description": "The string to be trimmed of whitespace",
                       "type": "string",
                       "required": true

} </templatedata>

See also[edit]

Template:String-handling templates