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The President is responsible for the smooth operation of the society. This can include a wide range of work including: representing the society to different groups on campus; drafting and negotiation of contracts; dealing with legal issues; and of course, working with the officers and directors of the society.

The President represents the society, the officers, and the directors in many different forums with the faculty, the alumni, UTSU, industry, and much more. There are a number of committees and boards that the President participates in, but this may change from year to year. This includes the Engineering Alumni Council, Engineering Society Council, Faculty Executive Committee, Student-Faculty Committee, Ombuds Committeee, St. George Round Table, UTSU Board of Directors (non-voting member), and is an Ex-Officio member of any engineering society standing committees.

The President’s portfolio is comprised of the officer’s of the society, the business manager, and most of the ex-officio directors. This includes:

  • Business Manager
  • Officers: VP Finance, VP Communications, VP Academic, VP External, VP Student Life
  • Discipline Club Chairs: Chem, Civ, Comp, Elec, Nsci, Indy, Mse, Mek, Min
  • Chief Attiliator
  • Executive Faculty Council Representative
  • Fourth Year Chair

Past Presidents

Year Name Discipline
2010-2011 Kevin P. Siu NΨ 1T0+PEY
2009-2010 Jimmy Lu Civ 1T0
2008-2009 Jonathan Asmis NΨ 0T8
2007-2008 Alaina LaGrou ?
2006-2007 Mei Ling Chen ?
2005-2006 Todd Reichert NΨ 0T5