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==Executive Team==
==Executive Team==
The Mech Club Executive Team for the 1T7-1T8 Skule™ year consists of:
The Mech Club Executive Team for the 1T9-2T0 Skule™ year consists of:
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The Mechanical Engineering Club (Mech Club) represents the entire Mechanical Engineering student body at the University of Toronto. The peer-elected student executive members are the main points of contact between the students and wider faculty, bringing concerns and issues to attention. Aside from academic and course support, the club also strives to enhance the social aspect of engineering. The common room was recently renovated, with updated furniture and a new mural to make it a more usable space. As usual, the annual MIE Dinner Dance and class socials continue to run. For up-to-date information and upcoming events, please visit our website at mech.skule.ca or check out our Facebook page. The Mech Club can be found in MB225C and there will always be someone in the office between 1-2pm, or feel free to drop by if you ever see the light on!

MIE Dinner Dance: A fancy night out at a banquet hall with friends! Enjoy great food, company, and music to help take your mind off of school! MIE dinner dance is usually in the fall semester between October and November! Remember to check mech.skule.ca for details!

Services[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Engineering Club provides a number of services to students to help make the year more enjoyable! Our services include:

  • Common Room: MB225B, a place where you can enjoy ping pong, video games, refreshing drinks and snacks, or just hanging out with friends!
  • Dinner Dance: A night to enjoy dinner and dance with friends. Consistently rumoured to be the best dinner dance of them all!
  • Mentorship Program: For students that need guidance, all years welcome!
  • Coffee House: Coffee (and house music) and some entertainment.
  • Lockers: Located in MC basement, MB basement, and outside of the common room; see website for more details.
  • Merchandise: Hats, t-shirts, hoodies, scarves, and much more!
  • Website: mech.skule.ca, features a calendar of events and information about mech club services.

Executive Team[edit | edit source]

The Mech Club Executive Team for the 1T9-2T0 Skule™ year consists of:

Chair Marie F.
Vice-Chair Khaled G.
Mentorship Director Diana B.
Communications Director Phil C.
Events Co-Director Hussein O.
Events Co-Director Vacant
Academic Director Sumyung J.
Webmaster Christine Y.
Common Room Director Liza D.
Mental Health and Wellness Director Vacant
4th Year Rep Vacant
PEY Rep Vacant
3th Year Rep  Vacant
2nd Year Rep Vacant
1st Year Rep Vacant

Contact[edit | edit source]

Common Room: Mining Building Room 225
Email Address: mechclub@skule.ca
Website: mech.skule.ca