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Malcolm F. McGrath
Malcolm F. McGrath
Discipline Civ
Year 1954
Notable Positions
First Assistant Dean - Alumni Liaison

Malcolm F. McGrath (Civ 5T4) was the Assistant Dean - Alumni Liaisons from 1982-2001. He spearheaded a number of initiatives, including Graditude, Skule Society, and U of T Day which helped greatly improve the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering as well as the University of Toronto.

Upon retirement, the Engineering Alumni Association named an award in his honour, the Malcolm F. McGrath Alumni Achievement Award to recognize contributions of personal service to the Faculty, University or community.

Malcolm McGrath is also heavily involved in musical pursuits. He helped found the Skule™ Stage Band and the Skule™ Choir (which he currently conducts), and regularly plays the organ at Convocation Hall and the carillon at Hart House during major Faculty and Engineering events.

He is also a member of the Soldiers' Tower committee at the University of Toronto, and continues to be active in the university community.

Assistant Dean - Alumni Liaison[edit | edit source]

In 1982, Dean Gordon Slemon and the Engineering Alumni Council decided that there was a need for a closer relationship between the Faculty and the Alumni. The Class of 5T0 President, Donald King, was asked to draft a job description for a new position of Special Assistant to the Dean. This job, later retitled Assistant Dean - Alumni Liaison, was given to Malcolm McGrath, who served at the post until his retirement in 2001.

In 1998, he won the Joan E. Foley Quality of Student Experience Award for his contributions to the Faculty and University.

Graditude and Director of Planned Giving[edit | edit source]

UofT Day[edit | edit source]

Retirement[edit | edit source]

Malcolm F. McGrath Alumni Achievement Award[edit | edit source]

Skule™ Music[edit | edit source]

McGrath has been credited as a major contributor to the founding of the Skule™ Stage Band in 1983. He helped students secure funding, rehearsal and performance space, and allowed the Skule™ music community to flourish under his watch. He later started the Skule™ Choir, which he still conducts today. These musical groups perform annually at the Skule™ Music Concert and at many other events.

Outside UofT[edit | edit source]

Malcolm McGrath has contributed greatly to outside communities through his musical pursuits. He authored A Song for the Nation, 1972, and has composed 10 operettas for the Arts & Letters Club, along with numerous unpublished sacred solos and anthems.

He was also an organist at the Toronto Timothy Eaton Memorial Church and Lake Joseph Community Church in Muskoka.

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
First Assistant Dean - Alumni Liaison