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:''See also: [[Bnad Leedur]]''
:''See also: [[Bnad Leedur]]''
:''See also: [[D(r)umb Majur(k)]]''
:''See also: [[D(r)umb Majur(k)]]''
:''See also: [[Trifecta Award]]''
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{| class="wikitable"

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Main article: Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad
See also: Bnad Leedur
See also: D(r)umb Majur(k)
Year Bnad Leedur D(r)umb Majur(k) Cymbolic Majur(s)
2020-2021 William Ferrie Mech 2T1
2019-2020 Torin Anderson ECE 2T0+PEY Ben Morehead ECE 2T1
2018-2019 Issy Williams Civ 1T8+PEY Joey Capan ECE 1T9+Chem+PEY
2017-2018 Stephen Gidge Indy 1T8+PEY Simon André Indy 1T8+PEY
2016-2017 Will Merrick Min 1T7+PEY Ahmed Ujjainwala Mech 1T7+PEY
2015-2016 Aaron Weber Civ 1T6+PEY Evan Boyce Mech 1T5+PEY
2014-2015 Thomas Santerre Elec 1T5+1 Yinky Chan Chem 1T6+1+PEY
2013-2014 Maya Zhang Mech 1T4+PEY Andrew Barolet Mech 1T4+PEY
2012-2013 Mauricio Curbelo Civ 1T3+PEY Adam Fontana Elec 1T3
2011-2012 Richard Medal Elec 1T2+PEY Gabriel Stavros MSE 1T3+PEY
2010-2011 Alex Martins Mech 1T1 Addie Denison Mech 1T2+PEY
2009-2010 Kevin P. Siu NΨ 1T0+PEY Alvin Ho Elec 0T9+PEY
2008-2009 Catie Darling Mech 0T9+PEY David Clease Mech 1T0+PEY
2007-2008 Nick Loberto Mech 0T7+PEY Steven Szeto Indy 0T9
2006-2007 Caitlin Bailey Mech 0T7+3 Nick Cifelli Mech 0T6+PEY Evangelos Staikos CS 0T7+?
2005-2006 Jeffy Cornthwaite NΨ 0T5+PEY Henry Cheung NΨ 0T7+PEY
2004-2005 Luke Wesley Mech 0T5+PEY Adam Gravitis NΨ 0T6
2003-2004 Susan Hogle Mech 0T4 Thorsten Klaus NΨ 0T3+PEY
2002-2003 Andrew Overholt NΨ 0T3+PEY Dan DeAraujo ECE 0T3
2001-2002 Adam Walker Elec 0T2 Thorsten Klaus NΨ 0T3+PEY
2000-2001 Chris Peressotti NΨ 0T1+PEY Dan Siegal NΨ 0T1+PEY
1999-2000 Leslie Ferguson Civ 0T0 Tim Christie Mech 0T1+PEY
1998-1999 J. Ryan Morris Comp 9T9 Gavin Bajin Mech 9T8+PEY
1997-1998 Colin Knowles Mech 9T8+PEY Steve Ekstein Mech 9T8+PEY
1996-1997 Mike Paiero Mech 9T7+PEY Vince Luciani Mech 9T7 Kamran Bahrami Mech 9T6+PEY
1995-1996 Chris Colohan Comp 9T6+PEY Gavin Bajin Mech 9T8+PEY
1994-1995 Walter Stoddard NΨ 9T5+BS Mike Kokkas Mech 9T5
1993-1994 Joel Alo Mech 9TX Mike Kokkas Mech 9T5
1992-1993 Alan Teare Chem 9T3+PEY Brian Scholz Geo 9T4+J
1991-1992 Alex Chapman Civ 9T2 Brian Scholz Geo 9T4+J
1990-1991 LeeAnne Jones Chem 9T1 Kevin Fair Mech 9T1
1989-1990 Aaron Lang NΨ 9T2 ( PEY) Kevin Fair Mech 9T1
1988-1989 Donna Eckler (nee Cieszynska) Ind 9T0 Peter Noble Chem 8T9
1987-1988 Daryn Thompson Elec 8T8 Peter Noble Chem 8T9
1986-1987 Tom Meadowcroft NΨ 8T7
1985-1986 Jeremy Bateson NΨ 8T8*
1984-1985 Dan "Bambi" Mackinnon ? 8T7
1983-1984 Dave Booz Mech 8T5*
1982-1983 Gerry Kokodyniak Mech 8T3*
1981-1982 Steve Roberts ?
1980-1981 Emil Joannou ?
1979-1980 Simon Monk ?
1978-1979 Ken Kettle ?
1977-1978 Bruce Thomson ?
1976-1977 Rob Yates / Rob Ketchen ? / Mech 7T8
1975-1976 Jim Burpee / John Loach Mech 7T8 / Mech 7T7
1974-1975 Jim Burpee Mech 7T8
1973-1974 Alex Lau / Doug Hooton NΨ 7T4 / Civ 7T4
1972-1973 Jim Richardson Elec 7T3
1971-1972 Mark Feldman ?
1970-1971 Alice Cooper Elec 7T1
1969-1970 ? ?
1968-1969 Melvyn Solmon ?
1967-1968 John Pullam Ind 6T7
1966-1967 Bob Bossin Music
1965-1966 Don Monro ?
1964-1965 Don Monro ?
1963-1964 Frank Dixon ?
1962-1963 Don Monro ?
1961-1962 Don Monro ?
1960-1961 ? ?
1959-1960 John Coggins ?
1958-1959 ? ?
1957-1958 ? ?
1956-1957 ? ?
1955-1956 ? ?
1954-1955 ? ?
1953-1954 ? ?
1952-1953 Earl Scott Mech 5T4
1951-1952 Earl Scott Mech 5T4
1950-1951 Leon LaPrairie Mining Geology 5T1
1949-1950 Tom Kenney Chem 5T?
1948-1949? A.J. Paul LaPrairie Mining Engineering 5T0

*Entries marked with asterisk had program and/or year pulled from LinkedIn, and thus may be inaccurate.