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The LGMB Rant is the official introduction of the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad. It consists of a series of events, exploits, accolades, and descriptions strung together into a rhyming list that is performed by the Bnad Leedur (who is required to memorize the rant word for word) at major Bnad events such as Matriculation, Cannonball, and Gradball. At the end of the year, the Bnad Leedur may extend the rant to include significant events of their term.

The Rant


The World Famous, Quintuple Prize Winning, Sextuple Record Setting, 60 Years Celebrating...

TSE crashing, football field dashing, alcohol stashing, Jumbotron flashing, Royal York trashing, fountain splashing, joke rehashing, Oktoberfest bashing, button mashing, joke rehashing;

Stealth-bnad stalking, impostor bnad mocking, Gradball shocking, Con Hall rocking, Scavenger hunt jocking, Chariot Race clocking, United Way walking, Speakers Corner talking, hockey game socking;

Pop machine filling, ready and willing, Crown Royal swilling, yo' we jus' chillin'!

CN Tower ascending, peace and quiet ending, Cannon defending, many patents pending;

Coke machine wiring, world take-over conspiring, instrument acquiring, fear inspiring, introduction is tiring;

Seven year old Scotch decanting, ALL NUDE ALL THE TIME!

Vanier Cup rejecting, premium beer selecting, Godiva resurrecting, tastes good with pectin;

Wheel of Fortune spinning, stereo winning; Swiss Chalet eating, Santa Claus greeting, Atrium meeting, Smash Bros. beating;

Mad integrating, Nathan Phillips skating, Aramark hating, triple X rating;

Yonge St. cruising, Varsity Bluesing, music abusing, ear drum bruising, Blue Jay enthusing, Iron Ring perusing, Hart House Farm carousing, Rum & Coke oozing, referee accusing, S&R boozing;

Graffiti Suds glowing, John K. Hall knowing, chair throwing, money owing, Stolen Toike stowing, should I keep going!?!?

Gamecube playing, Trogdor slaying, artsie laying, fine paying; Police escorting, lecture aborting, broomball sporting, cheerleader courting; S-Dance boating, Homecoming floating, proxy voting, sticker coating;

Note nailing, scale scaling, song wailing, movie delaying; Football loss cheering, spaghetti monster fearing, alumni suds beering, fire bell searing; Pride Parade priding, traffic abiding, trombone sliding, mustache riding; Queens Golden showering, Sourpuss souring, gin devouring, F! deflowering;

Funeral halting, mascot assaulting, beverage malting, artsie insulting;

CN Tower, Skydome, Eaton Centre, Pratt Building, Four Seasons, Innis Condo, Scarborough RT, Bahen Centre for information Technology, Ontario University Fair, Varsity Stadium, Skulenite, Spadina streetcar and Sheppard subway OPENING...


Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad! Renegade Musical Terrorists, Marching Gregorian Chant Society, and White Noise Brigade!