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Gradball is the annual formal held by the Engineering Society. It is traditionally held during the winter term the weekend following the Ceremony of the Iron Ring. It is a celebration of Skule™ spirit and the current year's graduating class, though students from all years are encouraged to attend. The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad and the Skule™ Cannon both make appearances at Gradball. At Gradball, the Joonyur Bnad Leedur and D(r)umb Miner officially take the reins of the LGMB, becoming the Bnad Leedur and D(r)umb Majur(k) respectively. In addition, the Chief Attiliator, the custodian of the Skule™ Cannon for the past year, is revealed to the students at this event.

Past Gradball Venues

Year Chair Venue
2011 Celine Ko*/Wacy Su Hilton Toronto
2010 Cyrene Wu Westin Harbourfront Castle
2009 Charlsie Searle ?