Engineering vs. Victoria College True Blue Bracket

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On October 29, 2018, Skule was pitted against Victoria College in the semi-final round of the True Blue Bracket, a voting bracket held in the Facebook group UofT memes for true 🅱️lue teens. Supporters of Skule were to react with 😢 (Sad), while supporters of Victoria were to react with 😮 (Wow). Posted at 00:03 on October 29 by Arjun Kaul, the voting period was set to end at 23:59 on October 30, with the winner facing Innis College in the final round. The results were inconclusive, as many of the votes were performed by paid click farms, allegedly from Brazil.

Engineering vs. Victoria College True Blue Bracket

Early voting[edit | edit source]

Throughout October 29, votes for both sides accumulated at approximately the same rate, with Victoria gaining a slight lead over Skule.

Although the vote was Victoria vs Engineering, many students saw the competition as "artscis vs engineers", and voted accordingly. To make up for the number of Arts and Science students voting for Victoria college, Skule called in the aid of many other engineering students from schools across Canada to help increase their vote count.

Memes[edit | edit source]

To build hype and encourage voting, students created and posted memes supporting or attacking certain sides. Although the intent of the memes was to uphold traditional inter-faculty/college rivalries, some students took them too seriously and voiced their offence in comments.

However, due to the intensity of the competition at the time, many high-quality memes were created and shared, and have been deposited onto this page for viewing long after the end of the Bracket.

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BrazilGate[edit | edit source]

At about 22:00 on October 30, Skule had a lead of around 200 votes over Victoria. It abruptly gained hundreds of votes in minutes, leading many students to believe that the votes were bought. After midnight that evening, the moderators acknowledged the illegitimate votes, and put the brackets on hold until November 3rd.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

At 00:11 on November 3rd, Arjun Kaul announced the next round of the bracket, in which both Skule and Victoria College were disqualified, due to both parties having purchased votes. The next round instead pitted Daniels Architecture and the Faculty of Music against each other.