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The Engineering Stores, known to students as Stores, is Skule™'s very own book and clothing store located in the basement of the Sandford Fleming Building. Stores is open throughout the academic year and sells first-year textbooks, leather jackets, coveralls, and a variety of patches and clothing on behalf of student groups. Since 2010, first-year students can also pre-order textbooks from Engineering Stores website, . As one of the non-profit commercial operations run by the Engineering Society, Stores is managed and operated completely by students.

The Engineering Stores, located in the basement of the Sandford Fleming Building.

Leather jackets are exclusively ordered through Stores, once in the fall semester and once in the winter semester. Out of tradition, students do not purchase their leather jacket until the beginning of their second year, as many students may change disciplines or even faculties after first year. Students typically adorn their jackets with their year and discipline, a common phrase such as 'SKULE', 'SPS', or 'ERTW', and patches of the various organizations which they are involved in. Starting in the 2008-2009 year, 'E4TW' (Engineers For the World) began to appear on leather jackets, as students preferred to focus on the responsibilities engineers have to the world. The abbreviation originates in a marketing campaign by the Division of Engineering Science and appeared on a prominent banner hung outside the Bahen Centre.

Coveralls are typically purchased by students in April of the first year. Coveralls provide an excellent way for Skule™ students to show their Skule™ spirit while giving them an item of clothing to get dirty in during practical activities. Coverall decorations can vary greatly from student to student, from the simple addition of sewn patches to elaborate designs made with anything for paint to electronics.


From the early days of the Engineering Society, technical papers outlining novel research performed at SPS were presented at the academic session of Society's fortnightly meetings. Copies of the papers were exchanged with other technical societies and university libraries, providing content for an Engineering Society Library, which formed the only library SPS had for many years.

The origins of the Engineering Stores (initially referred to as "The Supplies Department") are closely associated with the Society's early publishing ventures. In its earliest manifestation, Stores was "a small room where all books and papers, the property of the Society, were kept". By 1908, a permanent secretary was designated to buy and sell goods through the Supplies Department. This operation was cleaved from the library in time, moved to Room 19 of the SPS building and renamed Engineering Stores.

Written by Nicole Cyhelka, Archivist 1T1-1T2 for the "Ye Olde Skule Story Book"


After 2003, the Stores Manager positions were turned into Stores Operations Manager and Stores Finance Manager.

Year Operations Finance
2020-2021 Takshil Jariwala Mech 2T2 Noah Guerin ECE 2T2
2019-2020 Leah McLeod-Demers Mech 2T1

Karen Zhao Indy 2T1
2018-2019 Issy Williams Civ 1T8+PEY

Cacia Ploeg NΨ 2T0
2017-2018 Jon Norman MSE 1T9+PEY Annie Yu Mech 1T8+PEY
2016-2017 Robyn McNeil MSE 1T8+PEY Kevin Hua NΨ 1T8
2015-2016 Raneem Shammas Mech 1T8 Colin Parker ECE 1T6+PEY
2014-2015 Syid Khan Mech 1T6+PEY Robert Goldberg Mech 1T6+PEY
2013-2014 Matthew Lee NΨ 1T5 Mehran Hydary Elec 1T4+PEY
2012-2013 Matko Brunski Mech 1T4+PEY Laura Burget Chem 1T5
2011-2012 Sonia Liscio CHEM 1T3+PEY Victor Zhang ECE 1T4
2010-2011 Layan Kutob Indy 1T2+PEY Dan Liu MIN 1T1
2009-2010 Wayne Choi INDY 1T1 Landy Cheung NΨ 1T1
2008-2009 Sarah Hossain COMP 1T0 Catherine Kierans ELEC 1T0
2007-2008 Ariel Feldman MECH 0T9 Victor Lo NΨ 0T9

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