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The Skule Cannon Award, awarded by the Engineering Society to a graduating student for contribution to the Society during their time at Skule.

Awards are given annually to deserving students by the University of Toronto Engineering Society. These awards generally recognize contributions by students to the Engineering Society, either through their position as a representative, or through a project they have managed over the course of the Skule™ year.

Each award recipient receives an engraved plaque, as well as a small nameplate on the main awards plaque displayed prominently outside the Engineering Society office.

List of Awards[edit | edit source]

Awards Process[edit | edit source]

The Awards nomination and selection process is conducted by the Engineering Society and its Awards Committee, which generally consists of a representative from each Year and Discipline as well as the Officers of the Engineering Society. Nominations are submitted to the President of the Engineering Society, and compiled for review by the Committee. The Committee then decides the recipient of each award by discussion and voting. If there arises a conflict of interest, a voting member may be asked to leave the room.