Engineering Society Award

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See also: Engineering Society Awards

Awarded annually to one (1) person in fourth year who demonstrates commitment and dedication to the Engineering Society through involvement in extra-curricular activities run by the Engineering Society.

Past Recipients[edit | edit source]

Year Recipient
2022-2023 Amanda Plotnik ECE 2T2 + PEY
2021-2022 Brohath Amrithraj Chem 2T1 + 1
Valerie Ajayi Mech 2T1 + PEY
Zachary LaPointe ECE 2T1 + PEY
Zahir Firoze Indy 2T1 + PEY
Jacqueline Fleisig EngSci 2T1 + PEY
2020-2021 Muskan Sethi Chem 2T0+PEY
Elizabeth Hii Civ 2T0+PEY
Michela Trozzo ECE 2T0+PEY
2019-2020 Alex Caton ECE 1T9T1 + PEY
Ben Musci EngSci 1T9+PEY
2018 - 2019 Annie Yu Mech 1T8 + PEY
Shivani Nathoo EngSci 1T8 + PEY
2017 - 2018 Dareen Kutob Indy 1T7 + PEY
Jonathan Swyers ECE 1T7 + PEY
2016-2017 Colin Parker ECE 1T6+PEY
2015-2016 Ernesto Díaz Lozano Patiño Civ 1T5+PEY
Rachel Reding EngSci 1T5+PEY
2014-2015 Mehran Hydary ECE 1T4+PEY
2013-2014 Gordon Tattle Civ 1T4
2012-2013 Rishi Maharaj NΨ 1T2+PEY
2011-2012 Owyn Notario Civ 1T1+PEY
2010-2011 Kevin P. Siu NΨ 1T0+PEY
2009-2010 Tim Chen NΨ 0T9+PEY
2008-2009 Steven Szeto Indy 0T9
2007-2008 Eamon McDermott NΨ 0T5+3?
2006-2007 Carolyn Hicks ?
2005-2006 Jon Hollands ?
2004-2005 Nazim Hussain ?
2003-2004 Mathew Szeto Comp 0T3+1
2002-2003 Angelo Gentile Indy 0T3
2001-2002 Kirsten Koehl ?