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[[Image:Chem Common Room.jpg|300px|Chem Common Room, Wallberg Building Room 238]]
[[Image:Chem Common Room.jpg|300px|Chem Common Room, Wallberg Building Room 238]]
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The Chem Club logo
2011 Dinner Dance

Chem Club is officially known as the Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Council. As the student council for all Chemical Engineering students, Chem Club bridges the gap between the student body, the chemical engineering faculty, and the rest of the Skule community. Chem Club also ensures that each Chem Eng student’s academic, professional, social experience is the highest quality it can be. Chem Club hosts many social events throughout the year including an Annual Dinner Dance, 2 Book Smokers, a talent show to raise money for charity, video game tournament, movie nights, pub nights, the iron ring party, the infamous Wallburger BBQs, ski trips, and many more fun events. Chem Club is also responsible for the chemical engineering undergraduate common room located at WB238. So feel free to come by and play some foosball, play video games, use the new computers, or grab a snack/drink from one of the vending machines! If you have ideas for a new event or service don’t hesitate to approach one of our friendly executive members or send us an email at chemclub@skule.ca.

2011 Talent Show


The Undergraduate was founded in 1958 and has been providing a wide array of high quality programs and initiatives to Engineering students at the University of Toronto (U of T) ever since. Each of these initiatives is aimed at fostering interpersonal skills and core career competencies in both professional and social settings.

2011-2012 Executive Team: Back Row (From L to R): Sami Khan (Chair), Meraj Shah (4th Year Rep), Noosheen Walji (Secretary), Nikita Desai (Fundraising Director), Neha Mithia (3rd Year Rep), Anika Mohammed (PEY Rep), Mehraz Khan (Common Room Manager), Cathy (Shuo) Shi (Webmaster), Ishan Gupta (2nd Year Rep), Patrick Polvorosa (Athletics Director). Front Row (From L to R): Kelly Bryck (Treasurer), Laura Burget (1st Year Rep), Schnelle Gopalan (Advertising Director), Ajay Kochhar (Vice Chair). Missing: Akash Kaushal (Social Director)

Executive Team

The Chem Club Executive Team for the 1T2-1T3 Skule™ year consists of:

Chair Ajay Kochhar
Vice-Chair Neha Mithia
Treasurer Akash Kaushal
Secretary Sameena Mulam
Social Director Hans Ramirez
Webmaster Jerry Fung
Advertising Director Satita Viddayakorn
Athletics Director Rohil Jaydeep
Fundraising Director Madonna Khalil
Common Room Manager Volodymyr Miklyukh


Common Room: Wallberg Building Room 238
Email Address: chemclub@skule.ca
Website: chem.skule.ca

Chem Common Room, Wallberg Building Room 238