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The BioEngineering Student Association (BESt) focuses on educating the student body about the various types of bioengineering, job opportunities available, and advancements in the field. The field of bioengineering is broad, providing career opportunities and experiences for engineers of every discipline. However, specifically at the undergraduate level, there is little emphasis on the potential for biological applications to engineering and few resources available for engineers interested in this field.

The BESt association fosters interest in and educate students about bioengineering through student-run workshops and talks led by experts in the field. The club aims to expose students to industry and research leaders and facilitate their communication and interaction. Many undergraduate engineering students are interested in pursuing graduate school in the field of bioengineering, however, there are limited resources available to explore the field. Thus, the BESt association aims to create a positive space where students can learn more about the field with readily available resources.

The Bioengineering Student Association provides three core benefits to members of the engineering community:

1- Interest: Making easily accessible information about bioengineering will increase student awareness about the field and encourage students to become actively involved in a community of undergraduates sharing a common interest.

2- Educate: Students will be educated about the variety of different branches of bioengineering, broadening the focus from strictly biomedical engineering to applications of biology in all engineering fields from a technical perspective. Students will also be provided with regular updates on interesting breakthroughs in bioengineering.

3- Connect: Providing networking events and opportunities for students to meet with alumni and professionals working within the bioengineering field will assist students in pursuing careers in bioengineering and help them become global leaders in the field.